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The Scarlet Sails holiday in St. Petersburg – June 23, 2017

On June 23, 2017, a traditional large-scale celebration in honor of secondary school graduates will again amaze the citizens of St. Petersburg and the guests of the cultural capital. There will be theatrical performances, a concert with the participation of famous artists and, of course, an exciting pyrotechnic show over the Neva! A lot of guests specially come to St. Petersburg in the beginning of summer to see the spectacular shows. The holiday, dedicated to the end of secondary school, appeared in the city in 1968. It was then decided to organize a memorable event, the main part of which takes place at night in the waters of the Neva. Already in those years a grand spectacle gathered a huge audience. The action began with an appeal to the graduates, followed by a performance involving the squadron of boats, culminating in a large salute. Today, thanks to new technologies, the holiday has become even more magnificent. It is a mesmerizing multimedia entertainment. As before, the main action takes place on the water. The dark sky over the Neva is lit up by flashes of colorful fireworks. They accompany the voyage of a magnificent ship decorated with scarlet sails. The picture resembles a fairy tale in reality and remains in the memory of the audience for life. This year, you can also witness this magical performance. Solemn events will be held on the Palace Square, the Spit of Vasilievsky Island and on the territory along the Neva water area. The festival will open a traditional theatrical prologue for graduates. Then the concert program with participation of popular executors will take place. After midnight, the events will move to the water surface. There will be a show using multimedia effects and pyrotechnics. Thousands of spectators will be joined this time by the best graduates from other cities, for whom tickets to the amazing imagination of the show will be a reward for excellent study.