Saint-Petersburg Excursions And Tours

Guided visits

Dear guests! Please find below our selection of tours in Saint-Petersburg. This particular section offers the half-day guided tours to museums inside the city and in nearest suburbs. The table shows the basic information – catalogue number of the tour, short description, duration of tour and the days of availability.

Every title in the table is clickable. The full information on the tour and the rates will open in new browser window.

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For your convenience, below every description and rates section, we have placed the TripAdvisor interactive comments on every mentioned sight of interest.

Number of tourDescriptionDurationDays of availability
20Excursion to the Grand Palace and Fountains of the Lower Park in Peterhof5 hrsExcept Mondays
21Excursion to the Catherine’s Palace, Amber Chamber and Park in Pushkin – Tzarskoe Selo4 hrsExcept Tuesdays
22Excursion to The Paul’s Palace and Park in Pavlovsk4 hrsExcept Fridays
23Sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg3 hrsDaily
24Sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg and visit to Peter-and-Paul Fortress4 hrsExcept Wednesdays
25Tour to Hermitage museum3 hrsExcept Mondays
26Tour to Hermitage museum and Gold Rooms Treasure Gallery4 hrsExcept Mondays
27Tour to Hermitage museum and Diamond Rooms Treasure Gallery4 hrsExcept Mondays
28Excursion to the Yusupov Palace3 hrsDaily
29Excursion to Russian Museum3 hrsExcept Tuesdays
30Excursion to Saint-Isaak Cathedral2 hrsExcept Wednesdays
31Excursion to Saviour-on-Blood Cathedral2 hrsExcept Wednesdays
32Excursion to Museum of Etnography2 hrsExcept Mondays and last Fridays of each month
33Excursion to Museum of Etnography and it’s Treasure Gallery3 hrsExcept Mondays and last Fridays of each month
34Excursion to Menshikov Palace2 hrsExcept Mondays
35Excursion to Stroganov Palace2 hrsExcept Tuesdays
36Excursion to the Marble Palace2 hrsExcept Tuesdays
37Excursion to the St.Michael's Castle2 hrsExcept Tuesdays
38Excursion to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery and the Museum of the City Sculpture3 hrsExcept Mondays and Thursdays.
39Excursion to the Apartment Flat Museum of Fyodor Dostoevsky2 hrsExcept Mondays
40Excursion to the Museum of the Political History of Russia2 hrsExcept Thursdays
41Excursion to the Apartment Flat Museum of Alexander Pushkin on Moika 122 hrsExcept Tuesdays and last Fridays of each month
42Excursion to the Lyceum Museum in the town of Pushkin4 hrsExcept Wednesdays