Saint-Petersburg Excursions And Tours

Trips Out-Of-Town

During your stay in St.Petersburg, you have a wonderful possibility to visit several tourism destinations of Russia, which are of great interest and popularity, without the need to book a hotel and spend a night there. These are the ancient Russian cities Novgorod and Pskov, and, the pearl of the Ladoga Lake – beautiful island of Valaam, with it’s beautiful nature, monasteries and churches. Each of this tours can be done within one day, that is extremely convenient for efficient planning of your tour program in St.Petersburg. Also, in this section of our catalogue we offer the tours to the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg, which are slightly further from the city – to the interesting places like Gatschina, Lomonossov, Kronshtadt or Repino.

Number of tourDescriptionDurationAvailability
801-day trip to the ancient Russian city of Novgorod16 hrsDaily
811-day trip to the beautiful island of Valaam at the lake Ladoga16 hrsDaily in June, July and August
82Excursion to the Gatchina Palace and Park in the town of Gatchina6 hrsExcept Tuesdays
83Excursion to the Oranienbaum Palace and Park in the town of Lomonosov5 hrsExcept Tuesdays and last Wednesdays of each month
84Excursion to the Museum-Estate Repino, devoted to the famous russian artist – Ilya Repin5 hrsExcept Mondays and Tuesdays
851-day excursion to Pskov16 hrsDaily
861-day excursion to Pskov, Izborsk and Pechory 16 hrsDaily