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The season of fountains has started in St. Petersburg

The first fountains were turned on in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, April 19. That were the fountain on Manezhnaya square, “The BAll” fountain on Nevsky 56 and fountains in the park near the Kazan Cathedral. On April 20, the fountains will start working in the Park of 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, on the 3rd Red Army Street, 10, on the embankment of the Fontanka river 30, on Liteiny Prospekt 57 and in the Alexander Park. On Friday, April 21, fountains will start in the park near the Winter Palace, in the Alexander Garden near the Admiralty, as well as two fountains in the pedestrian zone on the 7th line of the Vasilievsky Island. On the Victory Day, on May 9, the big fountain light-music complexes will start their season – on Moscow Square and on Lenin Square in front of Finland Station. In total, 49 fountains and 3 fountains will work in the season-2017.