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III Festival of Modern Academic Music “Playing with classics”

“Playing with the classics” – this is the adventure of the classical tradition in the modern context. The best musical groups will present a bright palette of works – from allusions to strict classics to unexpected sound experiments. This year’s program features composers-classics: George Krum, Alfred Schnittke, Rodion Shchedrin, Boris Tishchenko, Leonid Desyatnikov. There will also be works by our contemporaries – Nikolai Morozov, Ilya Alexandrov, Anatoly Korolev and other authors. In the year of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, special attention will be paid to the Russian musical avant-garde of the 20th century.

The program of the festival

October 7th
16:00 Opening of the festival / Mariinsky New Music Ensemble
17:00 -Valery Kukhta / Alexander Petrov
17:30 – Alexander Skripko
18:00 – Alexander Khubeev / St. Petersburg Ensemble of Saxophones / MamiNova project. In flow
20:00 – Chamber Orchestra Tempora Orchestra

October 8
16:00 – Anna Ajemova – soprano & Egor Losev – pianoforte
16:30 – Vsevolod Dolganov – cello & Nadezhda Dolganova – pianoforte
17:00 – Egor Bobnev – clarinet & Evgeny Lushnikov – cello & Maria Sapargalieva – pianoforte / La Piccola Orchestra Lumiere
18:00 – Chamber Choir “Petersburg Serenades”
18:30 – Denis Kirillov – pianoforte and George Nefyodov – balalaika
19:00 – Petersburg Molto-Ensemble
20:00 – (r) Evolution

Venue: State Museum of Urban Sculpture, Workshop M.K. Anikushina
Address: Vyazemsky Lane 8 (metro station “Petrogradskaya”)

One day ticket: 350 rubles
Ticket for two days: 600 rubles