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Alley of Flying Umbrellas 2017 in St. Petersburg

In summer, the “Alley of Flying Umbrellas” will reappear in St. Petersburg. For a whole month, the Solyany lane will once again become a playground for the magical art-installation “Avenue of Flying Umbrellas”. The sky over the Solyany lane will be covered with umbrellas of all sizes and colors.
” Alley of Flying Umbrellas” is not only a particular art object developed by a well-known team of artists #pnpproject, but also the eponymous monthly festival of urban creativity. During the project, which has no analogues in other cities of Russia, there will be concerts, handmade master classes, photo shoots, as well as original flash mobs and even the fashion defile.

Entrance is free!
Date: June 10 to July 9, 2017
Location: Solyany lane (just 200 meters from the Summer Garden)