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The program of St. Petersburg’s “Museum Night” is published

The “St. Petersburg Night of Museums” will take place on the night from 20 to 21 of May. More than 110 museums, galleries, libraries, concert and exhibition halls will join the event.

The St. Petersburg Night of Museums celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The action will be devoted to the Year of Ecology in Russia. But St. Petersburg museums will show their various collections and will tell not only about environmental problems and environmental protection. Some museums have prepared a program about the beauty and wonders of nature, the struggle for survival and natural disasters. And others wanted to reflect on the social environment that surrounds us, about evolution or revolution in science, art and life.

From 6 pm till 6 am, visitors will see exhibitions, concerts, performances, author’s excursions, master classes, performances and historical reconstructions.

This year, 16 new participants joined the project: Museum-Estate of Gavriil Derzhavin, Museum-flat of Nikolay Nekrasov, the Museum of Underwater Archeology in Kronstadt and several others. The Russian Museum will prepare a special excursion to the Summer Garden with a story about how the garden has changed over the centuries. And the museum-reserve “Tsarskoe Selo” will open for the first time the greenhouse complex “Upper Greenhouses”. Visitors will go through the greenhouses with an excursion and see what flowers will be planted in Catherine’s Park in the new summer season.

All the museums that have already participated in the “Night of Museums” have prepared new programs this year. In the Apartment-Museum of Fyodor Chaliapin will show an exhibition “Flora and Fauna in the Russian Theater”, and in the Dostoevsky Museum – the project “Gardens of the Writers “. In the Botanical Garden they will tell about plants-aggressors and rules of phyto-design. Exhibitions of the Naval Museum will bring us back to a time when the ocean was clean and its magnificent spaces were sailed by magnificent sailing ships. The Anna Akhmatova Museum in the Fountain House will host the Open Air Festival “The Fifth Element”, and the Museum of the St. Petersburg Avant-Garde will hold the festival “Multifaceted”, consisting of performances of various genres from street theater to modern performances.

62 museums will take part in the evening program from 6 pm to 11 pm . And those, who are ready for a long night walk around St. Petersburg, are invited by 47 museums, working until six in the morning. In addition, several cultural organizations will hold short special events.

The price of the entrance ticket to all museums of the “Museum night” is 400 rubles. There shuttle buses will be
running between the museums of the night program from 11 pm. The subway will work around the clock. Tickets will be on sale from May 1 in museums and city ticket offices.

The European Night of Museums is held annually on the night from Saturday to Sunday at the weekend closest to the International Museum Day (May 18), more than 2,000 museums from 42 countries of Europe participate in the action. The “Night of Museums” had united 99 museums, galleries, libraries, exhibition and concert halls in 2016 in St. Petersburg. The action was attended by more than 81 000 people.