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The New Holland in Saint-Petersburg opens the concert season 2017

The city creative space New Holland opens the concert season 2017. On July 1, after the completion of seasonal works on the improvement of the park, visitors to the island will be able to relax again and play sports on the grass and listen to music. On this day, the first concert will be given on a large open stage, which will be conducted by Artemiev. The staff of Pavel Artemyev will arrange a presentation of the album “The Eve of the End of the Beginning”. Entrance to the concert is free. Among the headliners of this summer in cultural urbanization are the British trio London Grammar (July 20, entrance 1000 rubles), Americans Digable Planets (August 4, admission free) and Norwegian singer Ane Brun (August 23, admission free). Also announced were the performances of the SBHR group (August 1), the Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music, the Megapolis group (within the framework of the festival “Anton is near”, September 2) and a series of concerts in the Early Music Festival. In addition, in New Holland they plan to open the historical prison building “Butylka” with restaurants and other entertainment projects. It is expected that this will happen in late July. After the completion of works in the building, in his yard they will also begin to hold concerts.

The construction of New Holland was closely tied to the history of the Russian Admiralty. As part of his efforts to build Saint Petersburg up from swampland, Peter the Great invited the Dutch shipbuilders and gave them a workspace along the left bank of the Neva. This area soon began to resemble a foreign port. The locals gave it a nickname “Holland,” which was later fixed to the man-made island. During the 18th century, the island of New Holland had served primarily as a storage facility. By the middle of the next century, the ensemble of warehouses was joined by a series of new structures, including a naval prison, designed by architect Shtaubert. The island played a pivotal role in the development of the Russian naval fleet. At the beginning of the XX-th century, the territory of New Holland was also the site of a radio station. During World War II, the New Holland was seriously damaged by artillery fire. In 2004, the island was no longer under the control of the navy. In 2006, a competition was held for the reconstruction of New Holland. Despite best intentions, thу investor’s plan was never realized In 2010, a new competition was held, and the reconstruction of New Holland was finally awarded to Millhouse. The island finally opened for public in July 2011 — for the first time since the times of Peter the Great.