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It is now possible to get information about the drawbridges of Saint-Petersburg in real time

The state-owned company Mostotrest has recently launched a web-service, that gives an information about the raising and lowering of the drawbridges of Saint-Petersburg in real-time. As it is told by the director of the company, mr. Burnosov, the information of Mostotrest about the raising and lowering of the drawbridges will be as accurate as possible. Quite often, the Saint-Petersburg drawbridges are raised up for a shorter time, than it is stated in the official schedule. In fact, the bridges are lowered after the passing of the last vessel. But residents and visitors of the city had no opportunity to learn about this before, because they only had the official schedule.

The new online system shows how much time is left before the raising of the bridge, whether there will be a second raising of it, during the same night and what generally happens to the drawbridge at a given time.

Mostotrest is one of the oldest operating organizations in Russia and the only institution in Saint-Petersburg, that is responsible for the maintenance of artificial road structures belonging to the city.

Mostotrest carries out the technical maintenance of bridges, embankments, overpasses, tunnels. It ensures their safety, reliability, durability, traffic safety and pedestrian traffic. It controls the regular raising of the bridges and creates the necessary conditions for navigation under the bridges.
Currently, the Mostotrest is responsible for the technical condition of 426 bridges of the city, including 18 drawbridges. Of the 250 objects in this list are the objects of cultural heritage. Each of these objects is unique in its own way and requires a special approach to maintenance and reconstruction.

The new web service is accessible at the address: (the english version of the site is promised to be launched very soon).