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1-day excursion to Pskov, Izborsk and Pechory

Tour №86

Pskov is one of the oldest Russian cities. The first mention in the annals dates back to 903. The main attraction of Pskov is the Kremlin (Krom), located on a high promontory at the confluence of two rivers – Velikaya and Pskov. On the territory of the Pskov Kremlin you can see a large number of ancient monuments and structures: Dovmont town, Naugolnaya, Vlasyevskaya, Pokrovskaya, Mikhailovskaya and Gremyachaya towers, Chamber order (XVII century) and the pearl of the architectural complex – Trinity cathedral with bell tower. The Trinity Cathedral is the main temple of Pskov and the Pskov land.

The oldest town of Izborsk is located 30 km from Pskov, on the shore of the Gorodischensky Lake. It became one of the first Russian cities where stone fortifications were erected. Izborsk fortress is a monument of Russian medieval defensive architecture. It was built on the Giravia mountain in 1330. The unique ensemble of the Izborsk fortress has well preserved fragments of walls, towers and special defensive devices. Six towers of the fortress were preserved in good condition: Lukovka, Talavskaya, Vyshka, Ryabinovka, Darkness and Bell. St. Nicholas Cathedral – an architectural monument of the XIV century is located in the fortress.

Pechory is one of the oldest cities in the Pskov region, located 50 km from Pskov, near the border with Estonia. Here is the Pskovo-Pechersky Holy Assumption Monastery, founded in 1473. The monastery has a significance of the spiritual and cultural center of Russia. There are 11 temples in the monastery, 3 of them are cave temples. The most important buildings of the city are the Uspensky Cathedral, the Assumption of the Mother of God icons and the Affection of the Mother of God of Pskov-Pecherskaya, the Intercession Church, the Annunciation Church, the monastery’s holy caves, the brotherly building, the refectory, the church of St. Lazarus, the abbot’s house.

Tour duration – 16 hrs.
Tour include visits to the Pskov Kremlin, the Izborsk Fortress and to the temples of the Monastery in Pechory
Tour is available daily
Price include entrance tickets, roundtrip transfer and the assistance of english-speaking guide-translator.
Price include 3-course lunch in the local restaurant